The Body is Your Own Personal Roadmap!

Did you know that your body is an exact mirror of what you think and feel? It’s true! Your thoughts and emotions are SO powerful that you literally create your own state of being.  

Your body is a “roadmap” to show you what your beliefs and feelings are creating. If you are out of alignment in your thoughts, the body will reflect that back to you with physical issues. Just like stress can cause things like high blood pressure, migraine headaches and sleep deprivation, negative thinking can also wreak havoc on the body.

It is so important to listen to our “internal dialog” and monitor how we think. Did you know that your own internal dialog is the loudest form of communication? Think about it…how often do you notice yourself slipping away in a conversation only to realize you were caught up with your own thoughts about something you had to do, or some place you had to be? Then you realize you had NO idea what the person right in front of you was just saying! It’s true, when we pay attention to what it is we are thinking about we can have more control over HOW we think.

As a Medical Intuitive, I have come to realize just how much we have control of our body’s health. Things like resentment, regret, anger and hurt can cause things like cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia and heart disease just to name a few. Did you know that the liver holds anger? And that the pancreas represents the sweetness of life? Pancreatic cancer is actually the cause of an attitude of failure, regret and hopelessness. The more you understand how your body works with your own thoughts and feelings, the more you can manage your own health :)



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