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“I have had a few healing sessions with Kara.  She has helped me physically, spiritually and emotionally.  As a result of her healing, I have seen positive changes in my life.  I feel so uplifted just being in her presence.  She is patient, understanding and so very wise!  She has a special gift and I am so grateful she has chosen to share it with all of us.  I plan to continue my work with her and would highly recommend her to others.” Mary Grammitico, Hawthorne, CA.


“Kara is the real deal.  I met her on a yoga retreat in Santa Barbara where she did readings. She did a 15 minute reading for me.  She blew me away!  She knew I was going through a divorce, she urged me to release the guilt as it wasn’t serving me or him, and then she INSISTED I wasn’t making a move that was planned for the next week (movers booked, utilities transferred, etc.).  She was right!  The move fell through.  Kara kept saying, “I don’t see you moving to Long Beach, it’s not happening.”  Everything else she predicted came true to the letter.  A few months later she did a healing on me that was nothing less than profound.  She cleared the “tethers to the backdoor of my heart” that were holding me back and causing me pain.  She spoke a lot about my angels and cleared all the emotional blockages that were holding me back. It’s nearly impossible to put into words what Kara does and who she is.  On top of being a LIGHT and one of my Earth’s Angels – Kara is just a very special, sweet soul who works on bringing as much positivity to her clients as she possibly can.  It can’t be easy work and she puts all of herself into it.  What I love is when she is startled by what the guides tell her and she starts giggling at the revelations they provide.
I’ve seen a lot of readers and psychics in my day and I can tell you that Kara is authentic, and goes beyond mere readings.  She connects with the intangible and the magical spirits – to another dimension.  She reads and helps her clients with gentle loving guidance – always.” -Wendy Beatty, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.


“I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was so bad that I couldn’t open jars, juice bottles, type or basically do anything with my hands. I was taking all kinds of pharmaceutical drugs that were only masking the pain and giving me extreme side effects that were slowly killing me. Kara did her holographic healing treatment on me and after about an hour of the healing session I could clearly see and feel a huge difference! I was literally glowing and on the verge of tears. Later that day I was able to open a juice container with no problems! I felt like a new woman! Even my friends at work keep asking me what happened because I have a new glow and I am walking up straight with a constant smile on my face.What Kara has done for me is nothing short of a miracle. She is definitely the real deal and if anybody has any doubts about that I GUARANTEE after one session with her all doubt will be lifted. Thank you Kara Mooney, you have definitely changed my life!” Kayce Daniels, Atascadero, CA


“I first went to Kara for Theta Healing. Before the session Kara called me and talked to me about what Theta Healing is and gave me a more information about exactly what she does. She really took the time to make sure that I was comfortable. Just talking to her on the phone made me feel so calm and at peace, and I couldn’t wait to meet her in person! When I did meet Kara for the healing session I was completely blown away! She has such an incredible energy and she makes you feel so relaxed. She connected with my angels and helped me clear a lot of emotional blocks that I had been struggling with since childhood.  I left feeling like a whole new woman! I felt stronger, more empowered and completely at peace. Thank you so much Kara, I can’t wait to come back for another healing session!” Magdalena Storey, Los Angeles, CA.


“Kara has been a God send to me and my family. I always walk away from a session over the phone with her with so much clarity, and feeling so empowered. She has helped guide me through some of the most important, and challenging events in my life. Her sessions have taught me to trust my own inner knowing through the validation I’ve received. It’s always been helpful for me to have a session with Kara especially when I am emotionally attached to the outcome to see it clearly for myself. She helps me see the truth. I value her Wisdom and Accuracy. Kara is such an inspiration.” Sandra A, Santa Clarita, CA


“I first heard of Kara via a flyer in my yoga class. I was curious about “Angel Healing” and so I hired Kara for a session. I’m so glad it did, because it opened up a whole new world for me. Kara taught me so much about the angelic world, including the knowledge that our angels are here to help us if we want them to.
Ever since I have met Kara I have used all the knowledge she taught me to connect to the angelic world, and it has been life-changing. Also Kara’s energy is lovely. She’s very positive and she was so patient with all my questions during our session. She gave me some extra time just to make sure I was all set with my session. She was able to see one of my guardian angels stroking my hair during our session. That was amazing!  I definitely will go back to her in the future. I highly recommend Kara’s healing sessions.” Sirsa Shekim, Los Angeles, CA.


“Prior to sitting through Kara’s three day H.H.T. course I had no former knowledge or experience of the whole self-healing process. The entire time I was being taught, I kept feeling more and more enlightened and it was like my eyes were finally opened and a bright light came on inside me. I must also add that Kara explained everything crystal clear and the content was extremely easy to comprehend. She also stopped to answer any questions that arose along the way. At the end of the course she asked if I had any ailments or if there was anything I needed healed or worked on. I did have a life-long problem with my ear that I addressed to her. I was born with a perforated eardrum that, despite many surgeries, never completely healed. The pain hasn’t been there for a while but I still had about 75% hearing loss and have had to keep cotton in it to stop the constant liquid wax from leaking for years now. When I mentioned this to Kara, she had the idea of seeing if I could apply what I’ve just learned and heal myself. Since it was still new to me she patiently walked me through it step by step. After about an hour and a half I noticed that I didn’t feel the tickling of my ear draining anymore. The draining stopped. About an hour after that I felt a slight pop in my ear and it was like I had bionic hearing! My ear has healed and I couldn’t thank her enough!“ Jason Slayton, Atascadero, CA


“Kara is an amazing healer and has been a natural at it most of her life.  I have a hard time finding calmness within myself, as my energy often takes over.  Without out fail, every time Kara works on me…I feel so relaxed and grounded.  I have had stomach issues for many years as a result of my nervous system not communicating properly and she has helped me reach a much better place with it.  I am off all of my medicine and eating well.  Thanks Kara!” Jennifer Siemens, Manhattan Beach, CA.


“Being a Reiki Master healer myself, I am a true believer in the benefits of Energy Healing.  She is extremely gifted and I always feel so light, centered and grounded after a healing session from Kara! “Holographic Healing” has helped me to feel more centered in my hectic life.  I have enjoyed several sessions with Kara.  Her Redondo Beach location is beautifully serene! Kara worked her therapeutic magic when I came to her with fears about a relationship.  She connected with my guides, with source, and showed me new ways of looking at my relationship situation I had not considered!  I left her space feeling lighter, calmer and happier!!  I recommend Kara to anyone searching for a REAL healer!” Sarah Foerster, Manhattan Beach, CA


“Kara Mooney’s healing came along during an extremely difficult time in my life. Over the past year I have been going through a terrible divorce and I have been coping with the loss of my son along with debilitating fatigue from all of the stress. Kara’s practice has been wonderful and given me the strength I need to focus and get my life moving in a positive direction. Before her treatments I was experiencing severe depression, stress, anxiety, anger and complete loss of energy in all aspects of my life. So often in traumatic times we lose sight of who we are, what we need to do and how to get through the difficult process. Her treatments helped to clear out all the emotional confusion, allow me to focus, create positive thoughts and energy and see life in a brighter perspective. Kara has helped me look so much deeper into my soul. I know that I can handle anything and I now have the strength and spiritual insight to go after the life I deserve.” G.E. Fox, Hermosa Beach, CA


“Even though, I pride myself in my ability to try new alternatives, I was scared and skeptical before my first healing session with Kara. I wasn’t sure if it would bring up stuff I didn’t want to face or be a complete waste of time and money. During our first session, I started to feel soothing sensations as she worked on me. After that session, the talk we had helped open me up to possibilities in my life and to see how I was limiting myself. After doing several sessions with Kara, I began to feel calmer and more focused on my dreams and I believed in the endless possibilities of my life. When I found out I was pregnant after 10 years of trying, I turned to my husband and said I know that Kara helped heal me and helped make this possible! How can I say how grateful I am to have met her! I wish her all the best and thank her for helping make my dream come true.” Gillian Royer Scott, Hermosa Beach, CA


“Kara and her Holographic Healing technique is amazing!!!  I had a phone session with her a few months back and she was able to tap in and help me shift through some of the blocks I was experiencing at the time. I can’t say enough great things about her. Definitely the real deal and she puts her clients well-being FIRST, out of every thing!” Jason Patsalis, Los Angeles, CA.