Relationships are Reflections of Ourselves

Are you having a difficult time creating the kind of love that you want in your life? Are you frustrated with you’re mate? Do you seem to attract the wrong mate into your life over and over again? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, don’t worry , you are not alone!

One of the most complicated things in life can be finding the right partner for you. Many of us have struggled in relationships and can’t seem to understand WHY. Sometimes it can seem that just as we think we have it all figured out and know exactly what we are looking for in a partner, we become disappointed once again. One of the most important things to understand is that we attract what we send out. We may not even be aware of what subconscious messages we are sending! Relationships are mirrors. Our partner will reflect back to us how we feel about ourselves, or what we judge within ourselves. Basically, relationships are really all about US! So the question is, what is your Craigslist ad, and who is responding to it? To change what we attract, we must first understand and change our ad…

We must learn to heal our past hurt, resentment and fear within ourselves. We must learn to understand what it feels like to truly love ourselves. Truly loving yourself means honoring yourself, nurturing yourself and taking responsibility for yourself and your own emotions. When you truly understand your own self-worth, you will find a partner who will reflect that back to you. If you want to be cherished and adored…do it for yourself first!

The biggest mistake we make in relationships is that we expect our partners to give us what we are missing. If we don’t feel loved, we depend on our partners to love us. What we need to realize is that instead of “plugging in” to our partners energy socket, we need to learn how to plug into our own. We are all connected to the Source, or Creator of All That Is. We can never be separated from this divine love. This is the eternal divine love within our own hearts. This is how we recognize our own wholeness. When we depend on our partner to take responsibility for our own emotional needs, those needs will never be met. And really, who want’s that kind of responsibility? To be complete and whole in a relationship, we need to become whole within ourselves…all by ourselves first.

After a breakup it is always a good idea to re-evaluate the relationship and ask yourself, what did I learn from this? There are usually many karmic lessons and growth opportunities within relationships. A person comes onto your life to help your soul grow and evolve. Even the most difficult relationships can show you the most beautiful aspects of yourself. Sometimes the harder the lesson, the greater the growth. I have personally arrived at a place within my own evolution where I can now look back on my past relationships with gratitude. I know that somehow I called in this person to teach me or show me something about myself that I needed to see. Believe me, it may have taken some time after the initial hurt to realize these things!  But eventually once I healed myself from the pain, the lessons came flowing through like a wave of divine bliss! Ultimately, the Universal Truth of any situation, once realized, is incredibly freeing.

So, remember to look at the areas that need to be healed within yourself and take action to heal them. Your partner is waiting :)

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