Energy Shifts, 2012 and Us

So, lately I have been guided to start writing about 2012 and the Earth shifts we are going through.

There are MANY misconceptions regarding this time and it seems that even Hollywood has caught on and is stirring up a collective fear.

Ever since I was a kid, I “sensed” something REALLY big was going to happen in my lifetime and I couldn’t wait! Although I had visions of these changes, I could not make sense of it all. All I knew is that it was about time! So, therein started my journey as a “seeker of truth” so to speak. I wanted to know all the answers that the Universe held. Who was God? Are there Aliens? Who are these light beings that visit me? What goes on during an Outer Body Experience? Well, my journey is still ongoing and what an adventure it has been! So I am going to share with you what I know through what I have studied throughout these years, as well as what I get from my own intuition. It really boils down to raising your vibration to a level that will be supportive in the “new world” and how to do just that.

Let me start out by saying that the world is NOT going to end…well not really. Maybe the world “as we know it”, but believe me our world as we know it, at this time, and in this 3rd dimension, desperately needs a mass cleansing! And that is exactly what is happening.

Throughout history we have seen the Earth change. We also know that our planet earth will complete what is known as the “precession of the equinoxes“ or earth’s wobble which also has not happened for nearly 26,000 years. But not in 250 million years has it had an orbit around the galactic core. Even scientists can’t tell us exactly what that means, being that we have never experienced this before in human kind.

There are many prophecies regarding these changes from the Hopi, Mayans and the Bible, just to name a few. Each talk about a “new cycle and a new earth”. According to the Hopi we have had 3 recordable cycles so far, and we are now entering the 4th. The sun plays a major role in the changes of our evolution. The sun, like the Earth, is a living, breathing energy source. It is intelligent and alive. As we pass through the center of the galaxy the sun will send out solar flares. Here is where the panic starts…but lets think outside of the box for a minute. The sun actually has a BIG part in our DNA activation. Perhaps these flares are a good thing and really just a part of the process??

Everything in the Universe is divinely perfect. WE are multidimensional beings having an experience in a 3rd dimensional body. An experiment that WE agreed to. Now, we have the chance to “quantum jump” into our multi-dimensionality through this exciting Earth change. The Earth is going from a 3rd dimensional planet to a 5th. Make sense? In other words, we as human beings need to raise our vibration high enough to match this energy and in turn have a smooth transition.

Now, how do we do this? Well, let me explain a few other things first. We will get to that!

This is the way I see it…

There are so many of us already feeling these changes in our bodies as well as in our lives. We are going through this ‘Ascension” process and it can be enough to drive us mad! We are literally going through a DNA upgrade. We are evolving. From body aches to night sweats, insomnia, depression, unexplained food cravings, apathy followed by extreme empathy…it is enough to ask ourselves “why me” ? At the same time we are opening up in a way we never have before. Our psychic senses are heightened, our dreams intense, and our loving Angels and Guides helping us through it all with messages of something better and more magical than we could ever have dreamed possible! For most of us our relationships are changing as well as our career’s and we are realizing what is REALLY important in our lives.

So we simplify. We meditate. We see the world differently than we use to. We realize that this is an extremely intricate illusion that WE have created. That’s right… our thoughts, beliefs and programs make up our world. But now we have a chance to really change it and totally create something new and different!

In my mind I see our planet crossing over this new energy as we pass through the center of the galaxy on December 21, 2012. This energy will raise the vibration of our planet to such a “light” level that it has never had before. This energy, along with the sun, will activate our planet and “shift” it into what will be the beginning of transitioning into another dimension. There will be many scientific anomalies at this time over several years. I believe the veil is very thin and will be especially thin then. Expect to see and feel major things going on in your body and the world. We are going from “homosapien” to “homo-illuminous”. The enlightened soul in the physical body. We are going from a 3rd dimensional being to a 5th. Now, will everybody make this shift? I hope so! However, the process could take up to 50 years. Nobody is quite sure. Many truths will be revealed at this time of transition. More and more people will be waking up to the corruption and deceit that has been hidden from us. More and more truth will be revealed. We are all eternal and we will each choose if we will evolve here on this Earth plane or move on to another plane. Keep in mind death is only physical. The soul never dies. Having said that, wouldn’t it be fun to stick around and see the after party? I think so!!!

Many changes will happen between now and 2012 up to 2020. Yes there will be earthquakes and floods and natural causes, but it is not to be feared. Those who stay in a “Love” vibration and continue to keep this vibration high will make it through this shift. Those who choose to live in “fear” will create just that, and their vibration level will not survive the shift. Only a lightness of being can exist in this new world. There will be no more wars or evil as we see it in this world today in the new world. The way we treat each other will be of high integrity and our whole monetary system will be different. We will learn how to sustain ourselves from the earth by growing our own food and respecting the land as our native ancestors did. We will have our powers back as we did in Atlantis such as bio-location, telepathy, levitation, telekinesis and instant healing just to name a few.

Jesus was a 7th dimensional being who incarnated on to the earth to teach love. Throughout the years his teachings have been distorted, but I will tell you this… As Jesus said “you too can do what I do”, this is what he meant. We are all a part of God, the Creator of All That Is. We are all connected. WE ARE NOT OUR BODIES!!! We are in fact, Spiritual Beings having a human experience, about to step into our birthright. We are truly becoming who Jesus told us we could become. Multidimensional homo-illuminated beings of God’s creation. I believe that the return of Christ is really a metaphor for Christ Consciousness sweeping the planet.

Don’t you want to go along for the ride? I know I do!

Bottom line is stay in love. Love others, love ourselves, love the planet and all of it’s inhabitants. Meditate and connect to Source. Stay there awhile…it’s nice! Know that everything is in divine perfect order, and flow with this universe. Trust it. The choice is truly yours.

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