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Becoming Certified in Holographic Healing Technique and Become Your Own Healer

We are in a time of great change on our planet. Our DNA is changing and we are going through an evolution of consciousness. We must let go of what no longer serves our highest and best good and learn how to become our own healer!

Kara created the “Holographic Healing Technique™” It is an advanced energy healing method that works on the quantum level. This method will teach you how to heal your own body. She teaches with the combined methods of healing practices that she has learned throughout the years as an Intuitive healer. (See Kara’s certifications). This technique is based mostly on the principals of Theta Healing but with an advanced approach. Kara will teach you the “meat” of these modalities so that you can heal yourself and your loved ones.

In this in-depth workshop you will learn:

  • Activation of your 12 strand DNA and Pineal Gland
  • Understanding and utilizing your 4 psychic senses
  • How to connect with Source and go into a meditative state and instantly manifest what you want
  • How to perform “muscle testing”
  • How to do belief work and shift your own subconscious programming instantly. This will change negative thoughts, patterns and feelings
  • How to do a “Holographic Body Scan” and become your own Medical Intuitive to heal your body from disease, emotional trauma and negative habits
  • How to clear, heal and balance your chakra system
  • How to work with your Higher Self for guidance
  • How to change the frequency of anything you eat or drink by blessing it
  • How to make yourself impervious to any negative situation instantly
  • How to work with “white light” healing and protection techniques
  • How to remove shock and trauma from accidents and clear past life karma
  • How to “cut cords” to relationships that no longer serve your highest and best good
  • How to work with crystals and essential oils for added support
  • How to heal addiction
  • How to bend time

Also included in this workshop:

  • The 2012 planetary shift beginning, how it relates to the history of Atlantis and the secrets of ancient civilizations
  • How to take action and learn the steps to support yourself through these energetic changes
  • The forgiveness meditation and letting go of hurt
  • What to do to clean the body of toxins and the best supplements to take to keep it strong
  • Shifting from “mind consciousness” to “heart consciousness”

*Participants will have the chance to practice this method on each other, making this an interactive class that is fun, open and educational! Each participant will receive a comprehensive workbook and certification as an HHT Practitioner.

Cost:  $555 for a full day workshop