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Relationships are Reflections of Ourselves

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Are you having a difficult time creating the kind of love that you want in your life? Are you frustrated with you’re mate? Do you seem to attract the wrong mate into your life over and over again? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, don’t worry , you are not alone! One of the most complicated things in life can be finding the right partner for you. Many of us have struggled in relationships and can’t seem to understand [...]

The Body is Your Own Personal Roadmap!

Did you know that your body is an exact mirror of what you think and feel? It’s true! Your thoughts and emotions are SO powerful that you literally create your own state of being.   Your body is a “roadmap” to show you what your beliefs and feelings are creating. If you are out of alignment in your thoughts, the body will reflect that back to you with physical issues. Just like stress can cause things like high blood pressure, [...]

Energy Shifts, 2012 and Us

So, lately I have been guided to start writing about 2012 and the Earth shifts we are going through. There are MANY misconceptions regarding this time and it seems that even Hollywood has caught on and is stirring up a collective fear. Ever since I was a kid, I “sensed” something REALLY big was going to happen in my lifetime and I couldn’t wait! Although I had visions of these changes, I could not make sense of it all. All [...]