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Holographic Healing is about Self Empowerment!

The Holographic Healing Technique™ is a powerful energy healing method that heals on the quantum level. HHT is considered “Clairvoyant Counseling” and is a combination of Spiritual Counseling, Medical Intuition, and Theta Healing. It would be considered to be a close comparison to Hypnotherapy. The practice of Holographic Healing can be done over the phone, or Skype sessions.

The power of your thoughts and feelings shape your whole world. Life is what you think, feel and believe it is. Our beliefs create our experiences be it “good” or “bad”. These beliefs can cause things like disease in the body as well as negative patterns and problems in everyday life. With positive affirmations and downloads, the old belief that no longer serves you shifts into a positive belief that does. The neural pathways in the brain change, and as a result, the body heals itself. With this healing process you will see unhealthy patterns change, and your consciousness will expand. You will learn why you attract these unhealthy patterns and behavior in your life and learn how to shift it. You will feel lighter, brighter, empowered and more peaceful. HHT works on ALL levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Energy is everywhere and connects all things. Kara uses the “hologram” technique to connect virtually with her client. As a clairvoyant, she can clearly see what is going on with you over the phone just as easily as if you were in person with her.

In an HHT session, Kara will guide you to relax and find a comfortable place to sit, or lay down depending on your preference. She starts out with Spiritual Counseling to understand and connect with her client. It is during this conversation that she is picking up on intuitive “hits”. She will then tap into Source (God, Christ Consciousness) and energetically see what areas the client needs work on. She is guided to see past lives, childhood trauma or fear based beliefs. She knows how to help you shift these beliefs. As a Medical Intuitive, she can look into the body and see what needs to be healed and what caused the problem to begin with. As an Empath, she will actually feel what you are feeling in her own body. This helps with understanding exactly what you are experiencing. The body is like a “road map” to show you what your feelings and thoughts are trying to tell you. Just like stress can cause so many problems in the body, so can negative thinking. When you know how to change your thoughts, the body will follow.

The result can range from feelings of empowerment, hope, joy and bliss to a healing of disease as well as a complete life change. Kara is here to help support and guide you through your awakening process so that you may achieve Self Mastery. The possibilities are endless!